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STREIT Armored Vehicle Manufacturing Process

In high-risk situations, feeling protected is paramount. At STREIT Canada, we choose the best raw material from the most trusted manufacturers world-wide. We specialize in delivering security solutions without compromising safety, quality or passenger comfort. Two types of armoring are used in the vehicle armoring process – transparent and opaque. Transparent armor is used for the windows and consists of dense layered ballistic glass that is laminated to a tough inner spall shield of resilient polycarbonate. Opaque armor is a lightweight composite armor, high – hardened ballistic steel and other specialized ballistic materials.

Armoring Step 1
STREIT Canada begins the process of armoring with complete disassembly of vehicle’s interior panels, trim, exterior parts and equipment.

Armoring Step 2
Vehicle doors reinforcement and armored , heavy duty door hinges are installed for maximum protection.

Armoring Step 3
Armor plates are stitch- welded in order to armor vehicle floor, firewall, roof, verticals, engine bay etc.

Armoring Step 4
Transparent armor is installed for protection of the front, rear, and side windshields.

Armoring Step 5
Vehicle suspension is reinforced to maximize performance.

Armoring Step 6
The vehicle is outfitted with high – performance run-flat-tire inserts.

Armoring Step 7
Fuel tank, battery and ECM are covered with protective ballistic steel.

Armoring Step 8
Re-installation of the vehicles exterior and interior, the vehicle is fully armored and maintains the original appearance.