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Rolls Royce Ghost II

For the ultimate design statement, nothing communicates style and luxury better than the STREIT Rolls-Royce Ghost II. This homage to understated elegance can be seen from every angle. The aesthetics have been meticulously enhanced, with Nappa leather sitting alongside precious metals, each element complementing the other. Careful use of colours and the very best fabrics ensure a bespoke and luxurious finish. Upgraded dynamic performance elements such as the signature STREIT Carrozzeria carbon grille, carbon aerodynamic wings and side fenders featuring air outlets allow for more efficient engine performance. A specially designed STREIT carbon diffuser adds to the improved look and feel, along with an elegant high performance exhaust. With an engine delivering up to 740 HP as well as intelligent weight savings throughout, this Rolls-Royce has an even more sublime handling experience. A graceful, yet unarguably dynamic piece of machinery. This is the ultimate Rolls-Royce experience – quality over quantity reigns supreme.